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Go Rigo Go

KM50 Compression Socks - GO RIGO GO!

KM50 Compression Socks - GO RIGO GO!

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Socks developed in Cotton, combed with bottom thread, vanized in lycra 240 ( Vaniza: Structure of the Sock)

The cuffs are reinforced with thin Nylon, to give it more body and for a better grip, the heels and toes are reinforced with Nylon that give the sock greater resistance, as they are the areas with the greatest friction. These parts are among the most sensitive of the Sock and they tend to have more wear and tear, that's why this Reinforcement in particular!

Quick drying, air channels, extra soft, elastic bands, naturally breathable.

Due to their manufacturing method and material, they maintain their position and compression, preventing them from falling down or moving during use.

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