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Go Rigo Go

Cycling Bib Short - GO RIGO GO! KM100 Ergo Stealth - Women

Cycling Bib Short - GO RIGO GO! KM100 Ergo Stealth - Women

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Clean cut design with non-slip woven grip band, not silicone. Made up of the best selection of materials.


Composition: 75% nylon 25% elastane

Textile with the perfect combination between elongation and compression, moisture absorption and breathability. Developed with POWER technology, which offers safety, resistance and protection, since it has maximum protection against UV rays, resistance to wear due to friction and excellent coverage, which does not allow transparencies.


Developed for a recommended time of 6 hours. Molded in an arc shape so that the side flaps of the chamois accommodate the crotch, which reduces friction, redness and discomfort when pedaling.

The upper layer is made with a 60kg/m3 and 6mm thick foam formed by an open cell structure that allows excellent breathability. In the intermediate it has a high-density foam of 90kg/m3 and 11mm thickness that guarantees an optimal ratio between the foam and the weight of the cyclist.


Developed for a recommended time of up to 5 hours. Covered with Microfiber fabrics that protect the cyclist's body against lacerations caused by friction.

The top layer of the chamois is made with 65 kg/m3 and 4 mm thick foam with perforations that allow faster drying. In the middle, it has a 100 density (Kg / m³) Memory SAT (Shock Absorption Technology / impact absorption technology) technology foam and a thickness of 15 mm that guarantees excellent protection and freedom of movement.

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